Why join the Round Table?

The Round Table asks nothing of a child. All they need is their natural openness and willingness to contribute to all that is good, true and beautiful in the world.

What we share together is laughter, joy and brotherhood.

We share the ideal to have the Courage to protect our beautiful planet.

We share the ideal to be kind and gentle to all living creatures and nature and to be friendly and helpful to all people.


The Order really is a unique way to help young people develop in many ways - spiritually, morally, intuitively, socially, etc. Last but not least, it is always great fun!

The Order of the Round Table in England has as its aim:-

To promote the development of young people in achieving their full physical,intellectual, social and spiritual potential as individuals, responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.


1) To create in the minds of the young a recognition of the unity of people and of all living things.

2) To help the young to be happy and useful members of society .

3) To create conditions for harmonious living and to promote in all ways possible universal love and compassion by encouraging the young to be of service to all living creatures



1) By ceremonial activities that stimulate the spiritual development and inspire the young to become ideal citizens of gracious, courteous and righteous behaviour.

2) By study, teaching and dramatic presentation of the great heroes of the East and West, such as the legends of King Arthur, which symbolise the Ideal Man, the chivalrous Knight of Service.

3) By stimulating the love of nature and animals and care of the environment. Starting or conducting our own activities for this purpose or helping such organisations and schools where this is practised.

4) By such activities in which the young can express themselves through the various arts and crafts.

5) By social service where the young can give practical help to the poor, the aged and the suffering.

6) By camps and group work that bring together the children and the young in friendship and understanding.

7) To do all possible to inculcate greatness of character in the young.

The Order of the Round Table is an International organisation for young people of all nations; for those who hold to a religious faith and those who do not. Its aim is to form a brotherhood of children and young people to help humanity in its inner development, both moral and spiritual, through the use of symbols and ceremonial. Symbols are able to touch the heart directly, bypassing the intellect; and their use in ceremonial enables children to learn directly about eternal values, keeping them in touch, perhaps, with that which they already intuitively know.

Special personal qualities are encouraged in children at appropriate ages: gentleness and kindness for the very young; next friendliness and helpfulness as an expression of brotherhood; courage in the adolescent years; culminating in righteousness in the young adult. Members are especially encouraged to remember these qualities at all times in the home and community.

Modern man has tended to overdevelop his intellect and concentrate his powers on manipulating and controlling external forces. It may be that future generations may depend for their survival on man’s ability to see himself as a harmonious and vital part of the universe, as a caretaker of the physical world and as a guardian of the great noble ideas and eternal truths. The Round Table teaches children to seek the spiritual life in all things; minerals, plants, animals, the elements and especially their fellow human beings. It teaches that we should try to be strong yet gentle, truthful yet kind, just yet loving; and that we should take a responsible and protective attitude to all the realms of nature and humanity, that we should seek the truth and learn to forget ourselves in the service of the world.

The Order of the Round Table offers practical and dynamic guidance to children and young people growing up in an increasingly secular and selfish world. It allows the sacred, the magical, the compassionate and joyous inner spirit to find expression.