What Round Table members say about being in the Round Table…

“Fun, friends and a good laugh” (Companion, 13 yrs)

“I like going to the Round Table because I have friends there, I like doing the sport – it's fun.” (Companion, 11 yrs)

“A close, friendly and spiritual community, great for sharing ideas and thoughts on the Round Table itself and our lives in general and, if you have something to say, you are listened to, rather than shut out.” (Knight, 20s yrs)

“Relaxation, the opportunity to discuss ideas, fun and thought/reflection.” (Squire, 15 yrs)

“Family, time out, time to think, meeting people, getting to know people, getting to know yourself, trying new things, doing old things and once in a lifetime opportunities.” (Squire, 17 yrs)


Tekels Park, where our camps are held, is a 50 acre estate about 30 miles from London. It currently has a Guest House, a small church and a number of private houses. The field is a Site of National Conservation Interest, being one of the few untouched areas of acid grassland left in Surrey. There is a lot of animal and birdlife including deer, foxes, badgers, stoats, sparrowhawks, woodpeckers, tawny owls and many more. Many species of trees include 3 types of redwood, ginko, eucalyptus, red oak, tall magnolias and lebanese cedars. Many of our members regard Tekels Park as a spiritual home and many of us have formed friendships through our camps which will last a lifetime.

The Order of the Round Table in England holds both national and regional gatherings throughout the year.

National gatherings held at Tekels Park Camp site, Camberley, Surrey include:

     1 Easter camp – this is usually a weekend gathering on or around the Easter weekend.

     2 May camp – this is usually a weekend gathering over the second Bank Holiday weekend.

     3 Squire camp – this is usually the last weekend in June or beginning of July (after exams!) and primarily for 13-17yr olds.     

     4 Summer camp – this is usually at the beginning of the school summer holidays and is our main week long camp.

     5 Bonfire gathering – this is usually just for the day around November 5th!


Regional gatherings are held at the following locations:

     1 Oxford

     2 Taunton/ Bristol

     3 London

     4 Camberley

     5 Norwich

     6 Coventry


These are usually day events where members who are local to that area have an opportunity to meet up in between the national gatherings.

Non-members are very welcome to attend either a regional or national gathering in order to see who we are and what we do.